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How to ensure the inclusion of the world record of most of the world?(Hits: )

First, insist on inclusion criteria: a primary and unique.

Only in the world, the world record for the world's most selected to Carrying The Flag World Records. Even the Chinese first, the United States first, nor was selected Carrying The Flag World Records.

Second, the world record impartial audit authority, the audit authority rigorous process:

Carrying The Flag World Records set up nine divisions composed of World Records certified the world record preliminary committee responsible for world record of the preliminary audit, data query, demonstration, discussion comments submitted after the world record consistent Certification Committee. Then by nine World Records certified expert review committee unanimously issued after submission. Final certification by the senior division world record, signed and sealed, print certificates.

Third, the world record certification authority of justice, all certification programs have video material:

Carrying The Flag World Records certified the world record will be made ​​into a video broadcast on the Internet, to ensure that all certified world record fair, open, transparent and well documented. World Records certified to ensure quality. Ensure that the world record was not put pictures to ensure that world record is not a black-box operation, random fabricated.

Four, Carrying The Flag World Records strictly enforce the brand development strategy:

Carrying The Flag World Records has developed a set of brand development strategy, Carrying The Flag World Records has its own brand, not for short-term interests and give the brand interests.

V. Information Review strictly regulate:

Carrying The Flag World Records of information received after the reporting person, one, do authenticity review. 2, whether to do with relevant previous world record, query all the world records included information on the site, whether it is Chinese, or English, both professional sports organizations, or cottage certified company, are queries reference . 3, if it is newly created world record, world record to develop detailed rules.

Six, all certified World Records are posted on the website Carrying The Flag World Records, accept all oversight recommendations.

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