The world's shortest war is the Anglo-Zanzibar War(Hits: )

World Records Title: The world's shortest war is the Anglo-Zanzibar War
World Record Holder: The Anglo-Zanzibar War
World Record Field: War
World Record Rules: 1. The world's shortest war
World Record Number: 20121200002
World Record Validity Period: Until the world record was broken.
World Record Witness: Carrying the Flag World Records certifier 006 and 009
World Records Source: World record database of Carrying the Flag
Awarding Certificate Date: December 2, 2012
World Record Details:

        The world's shortest war is the Anglo-Zanzibar War(only lasted 45 minutes).

       (Anglo-Zanzibar War), was August 27, 1896 in the United Kingdom and a war between Zanzibar. As early as before the war, Germany and the UK due to the east coast of Africa will be outside the control of the island had a dispute. In the late 1880s to early 1990s, Zanzibar Sultan Hamad bin Duwei Ni gradually become a British-controlled puppet, while the UK also take gained control of the island. August 25, 1890, Sheikh Hamad bin Tumwine Sultan died. Second son (one said her nephew) Khalid ibn Ba Jiashen in German with the help of self-reliance for the Sudan. The British then supported another candidate Kazakhstan promos ibn Muhammad and asked Ba Jiashen immediately abdicated, or peril
Ba Jiashen rightly rejected the British demands, but also to organize an army of 2,800, which also includes a moored in the harbor, though already obsolete but still in service warships Glasgow number. When Ba Jiashen organization staff to strengthen the palace garrison, when organized several Royal Navy warships besieged the island, also sent a number of marines landed the island, issued an ultimatum to the Ba Jiashen. Although until the last minute, Ba Jiashen still representative of the island through the U.S. ambassador to attempt to negotiate with the British in exchange for peace, but the U.S. refused to help. When the August 27 morning 9:00 ultimatum stipulated time is over, the British began shelling Zanzibar. Because the strength of the poor, difficult to riposte Zanzibar army. 9:45,Baga J Sultansurrendered, this entire war, which lasted only a short 45 minutes.



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