Using the world's smallest language:Ayapaneco(Hits: )

World Record Name: The world's smallest language use: Ayapaneco language
World record holder:Ayapaneco

World record fields: Language
World Record rules: Use the lowest number of the world's languages.
World record number: 20121000047
World Record valid: to record was broken up.
World Record Witness: carrying the flag of World Records certified teacher 001
World Records Source: World record library to carrying the flag
World Record Certification date: October 15, 2012
World Record Details:
         Using the world's smallest language Ayapaneco. Only two people will say.

        In the mid-twentieth century, Ayapaneco language extinction rate peaked, because at that time the government clearly states: Mexican children can only speak Spanish. Later, a large number of Mexicans abroad, and there are a large number of foreigners come to live in Mexico, greatly diluted the language use of the crowd. 75-year-old Manuel - Segovia (Manuel Segovia) and 69-year-old Isidro - Vilas Quest (Isidro Velazquezto) living in the south of Mexico, A Yapa Village (Ayapa) tribes, two the distance between less than 800 meters away. As Ayapanecolanguage last inheritors, people very much hope that the two of them to talk about, even just to talk about how to save this goalkeeper to disappear language. Unfortunately, even if the two old people still alive, people have not heard of this language, because their relationship is not good, and never talk to each other. Daniel - Sousse Mubarak (Daniel Suslak) is one from the United States language archaeologist Indiana State University, and is currently finishing a dictionary hope that through this door to rescue the verge of disappearing languages. Arduous journey, finally found two old people, who knows the two "no common language": Segovia hot temper, and Vilas Quest reticent, rarely even go out. According to a neighbor introduced Segovia and Vilas relationship Quest really stiff, but what is the kind of holidays no one knows. Segovia said that in their own small, village, everyone says that language, but then no one said slowly, perhaps this will be their own language "into the coffin." And Vilas Quest because they do not talk, speak this language brother passed away 10 years ago, he and his wife and only son, said Ayapanecolanguage, but the family in addition to be able to understand a few beyond words, who do not know what he said

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