The earliest human history (the first time) proved by experiments mice fed GM corn generally suffer from cancer, and multiple organ failure symptoms(Hits: )

World Record Name: earliest human history (the first time) proved by experiments mice fed GM corn generally suffer from cancer, and multiple organ failure symptoms
World record holder: University of Caen, France, a team led by Professor Sierra Lini
World record areas: genetically modified corn, genetically modified
World Record rules: mice fed two years "NK603" transgenic maize; mice fed GM corn generally suffer from cancer, and multiple organ failure symptoms.
World record number: 20120900056
World Record valid: to record was broken up.
World Record Witness: carrying the flag of World Records certified teacher 001
World Records Source: World record library to carrying the flag
World Record Certification date: September 26, 2012
World Record Details:
        Symptoms of the earliest human history (the first time) through the experiments show that rats eating GM corn generally suffering from cancer, and multiple organ failure.verified in Hong Kong on 26 September 2012.



Study said a GM corn carcinogenic

Experimental scientists, and members of the EU in the French press conference

Original title: study said a GM corn carcinogenic

Monsanto products from the United States

Two years later the mice consumed more than half of premature deaths

Europe or the lock-up

According to the French "Le Nouvel Observateur" reported on the 20th, a group of French scientists after two years of experiments on mice and found that these were the mice fed GM corn generally suffer from cancer, and multiple organ failure symptoms.

This achievement made ​​in the "Food Chemistry Toxicology" magazine. Study emphasizes that this is the first time in more than two years of eating genetically modified corn histo results obtained, usually in the experiments conducted on mice often lasted only 90 days

Monsanto products from the United States

Europe or the lock-up

Professor at the University of Caen, France led the team in Sierra Lini said that these 200 mice food is mainly Monsanto's new "NK603" genetically modified maize.

The researchers said the experimental group of mice generally do suffer from breast cancer, liver failure and the emergence of the phenomenon. 50% of female and 70% male die prematurely. Media published photos showing their body length with a huge tumor (right).

In North America, Brazil and other places, genetically modified crops have been widely planted, but in Europe, has been plagued by controversy, especially Monsanto's products. European governments on the promotion of genetically modified foods are cautious, which is likely to lead to the EU suspended imports of genetically modified corn.

Research by British and American scientists have criticized

In this regard, the University of Illinois food science professor Bruce Chassi in the "New York Times" published criticism of the article, said, "This is not a purely scientific reports, but a carefully planned media campaign."

U.S. media revealed publicly opposed Sierra Lini professor position genetically modified foods, said his research funders are strongly opposed to biotechnology "genetic engineering Independent Research and Information Committee," and Auchan and Carrefour two "green" food sales leading retail giant.

Expert: GMOs should be evaluated case by case analysis

China Agricultural University, Associate Dean Huang Kunlun morning to accept the "Legal Evening News" reporter, said the safety of genetically modified or not can not be generalized to evaluate genetically modified principle is: A Case Study. Because different genetically modified foods have different special techniques required to analyze specific issues

In addition, Huang Kunlun said that GM technology could not use a big profit or harm large measure, because the technology is a neutral technology, but with the gradual development of transgenic technology and evaluate the technology matures, the future will transgenic technology in agriculture and medical shine, security will be higher.

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Monsanto GMO

China imports more

The results announcement, Monsanto headquarters in France, said: "We also need to ask experts to assess the findings, now too early to comment. Done more than 300 times the previous experiments have proved to be safe."

Monsanto was founded in 1901. With the inception of Monsanto today than Monsanto focus more on the agricultural sector.

This agricultural company is the U.S. "Business Week" named out of the 2008 top ten most influential enterprises, but also accounted for 90% of global transgenic seed market. China has 80 percent of soybeans annually dependence on imports, but all imports of soybeans, 90% are using Monsanto's technology growing out of the genetically modified soybeans.

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