The world's first application of "things to understand table method", no medicine, no injections, no infusion, treatment of cold pension institutions is central Dalian Sunshine pension(Hits: )

World Record Name: the world's first application of "things to understand table method", no medicine, no injections, no infusion, treatment of cold pension institutions is central Dalian Sunshine pension
World record holder: Dalian Sunshine Pension Centre
World Record Field: Physical treatment of colds
World Record rules: physical understanding table method, no medicine, no injections, no infusion, treatment of colds.
World record number: 20121000040
World Record valid: to record was broken up.
World Record Witness: carrying the flag of World Records certified teacher 001
World Records Source: World record library to carrying the flag
World Record Certification date: October 5, 2012
World Record Details:

         The world's  first application "Physical body sweating named", do not take medicine, no injections, no infusion treatment of colds pension institutions is Dalian Sunshine retirement centers.



 The world's first "cold treatment tank" was born:


September 11, 2012, the world's first "cold treatment box" retirement center in Dalian City, the sun was born.

                The world's first "cold therapy box"


                     Dalian Sunshine Pension Centre


September 13, 2012, began Experimental Therapeutics, recorded as follows:


7:30 8:30,2 Building Room 203, surnamed Xin, female, 86 years old, first time back pain treatments.
The first case of cold treatment:
Room 112, Building 1, surnamed sea, Manchu, female, 80 years old.
Symptoms: headache, nasal congestion.
18:30 start 19:40 end, impatient, began to say one hour will come out dead, and I changed to say half an hour, only to lie down treatment. Not live at my watch, 35 minutes on the up. She said head does not hurt, as well.
Treatment time is too short, not necessarily better. Tomorrow to see the results of it!


This morning to ask the patient, as well.
11:45 ~ 12:15, Room 203, Building 2, surnamed Xin, female, 86 years old, the second treatment.

12:15 ~ 12:45, Room 107, Building 2, surnamed Xu, female, 70 years old, first time back pain treatments



             Xu Granny

The second case of cold treatment:
Dalian Sunshine Children's Village, navy, female, 12 years old.
Symptoms: nasal congestion, cough, 3 days.
19:00 ~ 20:30, remove 30 minutes buffer time, treatment time 1 hour.
After the treatment the child's first words: "really comfortable ah!"



7:30 ~ 8:30, acrid third treatments.
8:30 to 9:30, Xu second treatments.
9:30 to 10:30,1 Room 102, surnamed Zhu, have Parkinson's disease, female, 87 years old, the first physical therapy, low back pain, the hand is not flexible, bending difficulties


                   Zhu Granny


10:30 ~ 11:00, Room 208, Building 1, Yan, female, 60 years old, stroke sequelae, left leg and left hand is not flexible, the first physiotherapy



                        Miss Yan

The third case of cold treatment:
11:37 ~ 12:50, Room 114, Building 2, LV, female, 70 years old, runny nose



Lu Granny



~ 7:40,2 7:10 Lu, Building 114, the second treatment.
7:40 ~ 8:40,2 Building 107 Xu, the third treatments. There are two obvious sense, flexible arm, the spirit of good, eat incense, sleep well.
9:00 to 10:00,1 Chu Building 102, the second treatment.

12:00 ~ 13:45, Building 1, 212 Korean, surnamed Li, male, 60 years old, stroke sequelae, first physiotherapy



Korean friends Lee


14:00 ~ 15:00,1 Building 208 Yan, the second treatment.
15:00 ~ 16:00,1, Building 208, male, 70 years old, leg pain, the first physiotherapy


Qu brother




Morning, Building 2, 114 Lu, the third physiotherapy,
Building 2, 107 Xu, the fourth physiotherapy,
Building 1, 208 Yan, the third treatments.
Afternoon, Building 1, 212 Lee, the second treatment.
Building 1, 102 Zhu, the third physiotherapy




:00 to 8:10, Building 2, 107 Xu, the fifth treatment.
8:10 ~ 9:10, Building 1, 208 Yan, the fourth treatments. Blood pressure before treatment from 171 to 89, heart rate 97, 161 to 83 post-treatment blood pressure, heart rate 82, blood pressure significantly.
I, 11:40 - 12:40,
12:40 ~ 13:40, Building 1, 102 Zhu, the fourth treatments.

Submitted to the State Intellectual Property Office patent applications, immediately accepted and awarded a patent (application) No.






7:00 8:00,2 Building 107 Xu, sixth treatments.
13:40 ~ 14:40, Building 1, 102 Zhu, the fifth physiotherapy




7:10 ~ 8:10,2 Building 107 Xu, the seventh treatments.
8:40 ~ 9:40, Building 1, 102 Zhu, sixth treatments.
The fourth case of cold treatment:
18:30 ~ 19:25, Dalian Polytechnic children nearby stationery shop owner, Li, 7 years old, cold three days, a fever of 39 degrees, a cure




13:20 ~ 14:20, Building 1, 102 Zhu, the seventh treatments.

4:20 ~ 5:20,8:00 ~ ~ 20:30,1 9:00,19:30 Room 214, Building, Zhang, male, 63 years old, healthy, experience physiotherapy three times a day, I feel the whole body relaxed , eyes clear, very obvious impotence



13:00 ~ 14:00, Building 1, 102 Zhu, eighth physiotherapy


The "cold treatment tank" is the world's first no medicine, no injections, no infusion, attending physiotherapy equipment cold. Inventor Zhang Lixin, the study treatment of cold on the road, 22 years of ups and downs, the best inventions of mankind cold treatment - "things to understand table method." The "cold treatment box" is also applied "thing to understand table method," the best physiotherapy equipment.
The "cold therapy box" there treat low back pain, frozen shoulder, neck pain, stroke sequelae, lowering blood pressure, impotence, improve blood circulation and other functions


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