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apply for person to Carrying The Flag World Records apply for World Records, carefully read the following terms:
1, where the World Records made ​​to Carrying The Flag  world records filers, are required to ensure that the information provided and the information is true.
2, where proposed to Carrying The Flag World Records  world records filers, are required to consent to relevant information and materials to Carrying The Flag World Records are free to use (including, but not limited to the publication of books, pamphlets, tapes, videos and television special, television programs, etc.), and to ensure that no copyright disputes.
3, and all attempts to challenge the world record challenge individuals or units themselves and the danger of a world record, World Records bears Carrying The Flag World Records(either by claiming the world record, or any third party) arising from any attempt to include potential liability, including any liability.

4, without the written authorization Carrying The Flag World Records agreed ,Carrying The Flag World Records can not be used without permission World Records logo and name for commercial publicity.

5, Carrying The Flag World Records who do not receive a apply for signed by the "World Records challenge agreement" before, not encourage, authorize, do not allow any challenge to Carrying The Flag World Records the activities of the world record held; Carrying The Flag World Records in the prior consent Carrying The Flag World Records does not have any relationship with these activities, nor authorizes these activities was held.

6, all application materials will not be returned.
The apply for acknowledges having understood the above terms, and strictly comply with the above provisions.

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