The smallest sea: ​​Marmara sea(Hits: )

World Record Title: The smallest sea: ​​Marmara sea
World Record Creator: Maemara sea
World Record Holder: Marmara sea
World Record Field: The smallest sea
World Record Rules: The smallest sea
World Record Number: 20120500025
World Record Validity Period: Until the world record was broken.
World Record Witness: Carrying the Flag World Records certifier 003
World Records Source: World record database of Carrying the Flag
Awarding Certificate Date: May 12, 2012
World Record Details

         The smallest sea: ​​Marmara sea. Marmara (English name: Sea of ​​Marmara, Turkish for Marmara Denizi), known as the general Bonn Ortiz (Propontis). Also translated Mamo Lahaina. Greek "Marmara" is the meaning of marble, is the world's smallest sea.






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