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World Record Name: The most shallow sea: Sea of ​​Azov
World Record Creator: Sea of ​​Azov
World Record Holder: Sea of ​​Azov
World Record Field: The most shallow sea
World Record Rules: The most shallow sea
World Record Number: 20120500023
World Record Validity Period: Until the world record was broken.
World Record Witness: Carrying the Flag World Records certifier 003
World Records Source: World record database of Carrying the Flag
Awarding Certificate Date: May 10, 2012
World Record Details:

     The most shallow sea: Sea of ​​Azov. The average depth of about 8 meters. Sea of ​​Azov in southern Russia and Ukraine, the Crimean peninsula and the Black Sea, an isolated inland sea, Ukrainian independence, it became Russia and Ukraine between the two countries, "the high seas." The main rivers are the Don and Kuban River. About 340 km wide and 135 km, an area of ​​about 37,600 square kilometers. Rich in marine life, especially sardines and more. Taganrog Bay is the largest bay. Summer water temperature 20-30 ℃, below zero in winter, navigable. Ice Age 2-3 months. The average depth of eight meters, the deepest and only 14 meters, is the world's most shallow sea.

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