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World Record Name: The most devastating tsunami in recently: The Japanese tsunami
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The most devastating tsunami in recently: The Japanese tsunami

   At 14:46 on March 11, 2011, northeastern Japan Richter 9.0 earthquake, the focal depth of 24.2 km. It is rare in history to achieve the shallow edge of the 9.0 earthquake. Fortunately, the earthquake occurred in the ocean, no land damage caused by particularly large. Unfortunately, the more recent marine seismic from the land, so a massive tsunami. The tsunami scene is very tragic, its destructive power second only to the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia

Powerful tsunami in Japan

     USGS senior adviser David Applegate said the earthquake in Japan will likely tear a crust over 240 km long, 80 km wide cracks. Despite Japan's response to the earthquake experience is very mature, but because of the earthquake intensity is extremely rare, it is expected that Japan will result in "tens of billions of dollars" in economic losses

    USGS geologist Brian Atwater said the earthquake energy released close to the energy consumption of the U.S. National month - in 2010 the United States consumed 1,900 barrels of oil per day standard calculation, the approximate time of burning 5.7 billion barrels of oil equivalent of 11,000 Hiroshima atomic energy combined. Such a large earthquake, tsunami power is amazing, the sea there is a big whirlpool

    Since the earthquake's epicenter in the ocean, casualties mainly caused by the tsunami. Energy can be reduced only terrestrial tsunami, tsunami hit land to rely on the release of energy. Moreover, the tsunami wave will not end, it may also occur several times within a few hours. Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo professor Shinichi Sakai, said: "The submarine tsunami instrument of data analysis found that, after the earthquake 56 minutes, sea level rose by 3.5 meters at least, this is the first time the observed sea surface height such a big change occurs previously most will cause a tsunami a few centimeters of sea level rise occurs。”

    Only 30 minutes after the earthquake, there are three-meter-high tsunami reached land. Pro Tohoku Pacific Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima, Ibaraki and other counties bear the brunt of the hardest hit.

     After the tsunami destroyed houses and ships, but also cause a fire. March 11, four counties hardest hit northeastern Japan after another came fire. Nissan and Sumitomo industrial plants are located in the Northeast pass fire. Kesennuma, Miyagi odd fishing boats capsized due to the tsunami, the fuel flow caused the fire, and as the waters rushed into the land spread after nightfall Kesennuma city in flames

The causes of Japan's tsunami

     Extremely destructive tsunami is a huge ocean waves, is caused by an undersea earthquake or storm. Not just any marine geology mutation will cause tsunami. According to statistics, every 15,000 undersea tectonic earthquake, only 100 will lead to tsunamis. Usually generated by the tsunami source condition, focal depth, focal depth and magnitude size control. Typically, Richter magnitude greater than 6.5, focal depth of 50 kilometers of the earthquake, will have devastating tsunami.

     The Japan Earthquake Richter magnitude 9.0, focal depth of 24.2 km, exactly in line with the conditions of a tsunami. Earthquake triggered tsunami hit Japan in almost all regions of the Pacific coast. Experts believe that the earthquake in Japan, the tsunami such a large scale for two main reasons: First, the earthquake itself is large, light source, from land near; two coastal waters where the terrain is a special source, amplification of tsunami energy

   The quake also seismic history of Japan since the magnitude of the highest one, the energy release is roughly equivalent to 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake in Japan 1000 times. Earthquake epicenter was located close to the coast of Miyagi Prefecture about 130 kilometers of the sea, so this is also known as Miyagi earthquake earthquake. Source area is located north from the south coast of Iwate Prefecture offshore Ibaraki Prefecture, about 500 km wide and 200 km.

     Tsunami struck the Pacific coast of Japan in all areas, but at the center of Iwate Sanriku coastal waters is Rias type (genus settlement coast), there may be more serious disasters

    Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University Professor Hajime Mase said: "Presumably, the amount of water onto land with 2004 when the Indonesian tsunami rivaling while in the Sanriku coastal waters that Rias type, there are many outside broad and narrow inner 'triangle Gulf', the more medial to the Gulf, the easier the waves rise. "Sanriku region is often hit by the tsunami areas. In 1896, a small earthquake was felt, but it triggered a more than 20-meter-high tsunami dead and missing reached about 2.2 million people. 1933 Sanriku earthquake also triggered a tsunami more than 20 meters, dead and missing reached about 3,000 people

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