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Opened TQ free call-back(Hits: )

  In order to provide better service, is now TQ free call-back, when you enter your phone or the phone, TQ telephone system will call your phone and mobile phone simultaneously to Carrying The Flag World Records telephone calls, to achieve customer free telephone service. This service is free calls, customers do not need to pay any fees. All charges Carrying The Flag World Records has been paid in advance.

This call is free calls, your phone without incurring any fees. Also, your phone number will be displayed in the form unmarked, do not worry about calling security.
Special Note: harmonious society, integrity first, not illegal calls, malicious calls!

TQ free callback calls and 400 free calls and 800 free phone what is the difference?

A: The 400 free calls, free 800 telephone number is a number, the customer calls, telephone costs have been paid up in advance.

TQ free callback phone customers with his phone number or cell phone, call back the past by the TQ system, the equivalent of the customer is to answer the phone, or answering a cell phone, so the customer call is free. TQ free telephone callback Carrying The Flag all the expenses have been paid in advance World Records.

You can also call Carrying The Flag World Records 400 free phone :400 -053-0156



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