The world's largest balloon surface is produced by Mr. Zhang Wenju surface diameter of about 1.8 m balloon(Hits: )

World Record Name: the world's largest balloon is Mr. Zhang Wenju surface diameter of about 1.8 meters making face balloon.
World record holder: Mr. Zhang Wenju
World record areas: face balloon
World Record rules: 1, the world's largest balloon surface.
World record values: diameter of about 1.8 meters, height of about 0.66 m
World record number: 20130400031
World Record valid: to record was broken up.
World Record Witness: World Records certified teachers to carrying the flag carrying the flag of World Records certified 001 division 002
World Records Source: World record library to carrying the flag
World Record Certification date: April 30, 2013
World Record Details:
         The world's largest surface balloon is Mr. Zhang Wenju produced about 1.8 meters in diameter face balloon. verified in Hong Kong on 30 April 2013.













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