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Xinhua Guangxi Channel reports: calligraphy, miniature painting Binyang Zengdemin break world record(Hits: )

Recently, the world record certification meeting, the town of Binyang County Pennsylvania Germany and China had become the world's most creative figures "Water Margin" 108 People miniature calligraphy paintings of people. Currently, the world record for the largest number of characters is 108, so that the calligraphy painting was moved to carrying the flag world record libraries. World Record No. 20130400003, the world record Witness: carrying the flag of World Records certified division 002, carrying the flag of World Records certified division 003.

     Carry the flag of World Records is headquartered in Hong Kong, specializing in collecting sports and non-sports, events and non-events, encompassing all of the world most of the world record collection agency. Carry the flag of World Records has a primary and unique. Carry the flag of World Records is the world's first and only one to the 2012 London Olympics world record world record certificate issued athletes the world record certification bodies

    Tsang Tak-people "Water Margin" 108 People miniature calligraphy painting, full volume of about 105 m and a width of 0.79 meters, Micro regular script calligraphy (the font size of about 1 mm) copied the Chinese classic "Tales" (a total of three on the lower volumes of about 90 million words). Full volume screen characters, scenery and other lines (such as eyebrows, beard) are of naked naked eye, without the aid of any amplification exquisite small wolf hair brush tools to regular script writing and composing patterns, distance is the painting, close up of the word. Full volume from June 2010 began to design, adopt depicting calculated (figure will ensure full volume images, backgrounds, inscriptions, etc. more than 900,000 words, "Tales" upper, middle and lower copied the text). January 2011 began to write, May 8, 2012 End pen, which lasted 23 months, about two years time. Creation of 12 hours a day, creating more than 230 branches during the loss of small wolf hair brush refined, full-volume fonts only 1 millimeter in size (smaller than a toothpick, need the help of a magnifying glass to see), the main lines of the screen to full-volume micro-regular script writing, and other supplemented by line, grass, calligraphy, seal, etc. completed, printed on the author's self-carved thirty multi-seal. Frontispiece and full-volume copy capuchin are the "Tales" one hundred and twenty back catalog site index table, such as a certain character or scene back in a position to locate and confirm

   Germany and China have been in the "Water Margin" 108 People miniature calligraphy painting creative process, there Nanning Binyang television and television interview follow-up reports, the work is completed as Binyang binyang television news broadcast, "Southern Science and Technology News", "South China Morning Post" "Nanning Daily", "Nanning Evening News," "today Binyang" and other newspapers have reported in detail the various home, the country underwent a major site reported. In addition, Guangxi TV City Channel accepted the invitation to do about the content of programs. (Reporter correspondent Wuxian Hui Zhong Jiahua








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