The world's largest maritime landing battle: Normandy landed(Hits: )

World Record Name: The world's largest maritime landing battle: Normandy landed
World Record Creator: Allies
World Record Holder: Allies
World Record Field: Marine landing operations
World Record Number: 20111200007
World Record Validity Period: Until the world record was broken.
World Record Witness: Carrying the Flag World Records certifer 001
World Records Source: World record database of Carrying the Flag
Awarding Certificate Date: December 25, 2011
World Record Details:

Normandy landings in World War II in Europe, the Western Allies launched a massive offensive battle, battle occurred in the June 6, 1944 as early as 6:30. The operations of the Code Operation Overlord. The battle in the Aug. 19 through Seine - Marne River after the end. Battle of Normandy is by far the world's biggest sea landing operations, involving nearly three million soldiers through the English Channel to Normandy, France.

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