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Netease News reported: 30 seconds 37! 8-year-old Zhao Hang Chong head turned world record (Figure)(Hits: )

"Through the video playback confirmed Zhao Hang in 30 seconds time to complete the 37 heads Dingfan, challenge the world record success!" Yesterday 10:07, Shanghai carrying the flag of World Records certified the phrase certified teacher Shi Liwen word sounded, eight-year-old Dazu Zaier Zhao Hang Zhou Dafeng excitedly hugged by her mother.


Cold more than 10 days

Sick to participate in certification training

8:30 yesterday morning, dressed in a khaki jacket, dark trousers and white mesh shoes, Zhao Hang, and Zhou Dafeng and coaches Pan Xianming, arrived at the venue site certification Dazu District Stadium. Basketball field along the axis of the museum, has paved a 2.5 meters wide, 30 meters long red carpet below two meters wide padded cushion

Zhao Hang, took off his glasses, took off his jacket, sweater, put on that body black and white clothes and then follow Pan Xianming to do warm-up exercises.

Zhao Hang Zhou Dafeng out paper towels to wipe the tears of his right eye and the nose between the nostrils. Originally, in more than 10 days ago sure you want to live challenge world record 30 seconds head turned, Zhao Hang has been suffering from a cold. These days have been high-intensity training, not getting enough rest, plus the change of clothing before and after training, he has not healed cold.

10 seconds before the fast speed

Slowed slightly after exhumation

Subject to the scene to carrying the flag Certified Master Shi Liwen, arrange video recording cameraman responsible for planes, and to witness the scene more than 20 relatives, friends and spectators to make viewing reminder, 10:05, through his hands the microphone to the waiting red carpet on one side, left front, rear stood ready in the post-Zhao Hang countdown orders issued

"3,2,1" With Shi Liwen hair orders, Zhao Hang force approach, pinch quasi-Shi Liwen "Start" sound of the moment after the head of the ground. Subsequently, the double pedal up off the ground, the body was to start the N-shaped head turned, his hands, then naturally drawn to the waist.

Zhao Hang, a very alarming rate of up to complete the first 10 heads Dingfan takes only 7 seconds. But his way forward somersault in the first 11 starts left side, so the first 14 when his head was near the edge of the carpet. Clenched fists at the side of Zhou Dafeng was very worried, she loudly remind "unitary child, crooked, crooked!"

While making adjustments, but Zhao Hang subsequent 15 m but not consciously go to the right side, to the carpet at the end, he turned over a total of 24, took only 18 seconds. Pan Xianming loud reminder "turn", he had just turned 24 finished first, followed by slightly meal, then began to turn around before the exhumation of the action, but the rate declined slightly. In Shi Liwen d that "the time to 30 seconds", the Zhao Hanggang good finish 37

Shi Liwen tune watched live video recording, while the countdown, while the count, he finally confirmed that Zhao Hang challenge the world record of success, and awarded honorary certificates. According to him, the carry flag certified world record in turning his head, only "25 seconds 20" record, in contrast, Zhao Hang much faster.

"Today is extraordinary play!" Pan Xianming contain his joy. He usually give Zhao Hang tested, according to the best performance prediction, it should be able to complete 34-35 months, yesterday 37 results surprising. "In order to pursuit of speed, he bit biased direction, which is normal; But if another big point venues, mats can shop longer, do not turn around and exhumation, it should also improve performance


Hugged his son, almost to tears Zhou Dafeng, hoarseness sigh, Zhao Hang dare to challenge, gotta persist spirit and good play are so proud of her, worthwhile certification last night, her son's shoulder, waist legs are repeatedly wipe the wine.

One of the few in the audience, there is a little boy wearing roller shoes, he is challenging handspring last November to carrying the flag of the Dragon Imperial successful world record. His father, Long Xiao Kui yesterday took him to a specialist Zhao Hang cheer, but also big enough to witness the production of another world record

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