Chongqing Wei Hongyu reporting success stories: the world's Yerevan Crocein continuous scrolling highest number of people(Hits: )

World Record Name: Yerevan world Crocein continuous rolling the highest number of people Weihong Yu.
World Record Holder: Weihong Yu
World record fields: Yerevan Crocein continuous roll
World Record rules: 1, "Yerevan Crocein" type. 2, from posture to knee touch the ground, for a complete circle. The world record for the first time by the Wei Hongyu reporting, 6 times.
World record number: 20121200029
World Record Validity Period: to record was broken up in this record has been broken Jiang Rui see:
World Record Witness: World Records certified teachers Carrying the Flag Carrying the Flag of World Records certified 002 division 003
World Records Source: World record database Carrying the Flag
World Record Certification date: December 26, 2012
World Record Details:

         The world leaves hidden in flower continuous rolling the highest number of people is Wei Hongyu. verified in Hong Kong on 26 December 2012.



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