Zhejiang Yiwu Li Honglin reporting success stories: the world is too low pulley lever leg farthest person(Hits: )

World Record Title : The world is too low pulley lever leg farthest person is Li Honglin .
World Record Creator: Li Honglin
World Record Holder : Li Honglin
World Record Field : low pulley lever leg
World Record Rules: one , the world is too low pulley lever leg farthest . 2 , the rod height 0.49 m , width 1.9 m 3, the sliding distance 43.2 m . Current world record holder is the creator and Li Honglin .
World Record Number : 201212000018
World Record Validity Period : Until the record was broken.
World Record Witness: Carrying the Flag of World Records certifier Qi Chuan
World Records Source: World record database of Carrying the Flag
Awarding Certificate Date : December 30, 2012
World Record Details:
        Creator of the world on one leg pulley drilled a low rod distance world record for the farthest is Li Honglin. verified in Hong Kong on 30 December 2012.









 Seethe video  http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTA1ODAxNzk2.html



To challenge world record please E-mail : s@carryingtheflag.com or s@kangqi.org

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